Lechuza™ Sub Irrigation

The innovative Lechuza sub-irrigation system

LECHUZA cares for your plants just as nature intended.

  1. Water Level Indicator – Ensures complete watering control
  2. Water supply shaft – Makes adding water and liquid fertilizer easy
  3. LECHUZA-PON as a separating layer – Perfectly controls the water supply to the plants
  4. Separator – Forms the water reservoir in the bottom of the planter
  5. Drain Plug – Is removed when used outdoors, allowing excess rainwater to drain


  • Extends water cycles
  • Less Maintenance
  • Saves Time
  • Promotes Healthier Plants
  • Total Water Control

Sub-irrigation helps to maintain your plants for longer, and consumes up to 60% less water than traditional planters.
It is recommended that watering over the top at the time of installation is necessary. Potting mix should be moist all the way through.

Sub-irrigation diagram is a guide only