Flemington Racecourse Green Wall

December 9, 2019

Recently we had the pleasure of being part of a cooperative team to install an outstanding Green Wall at Flemington Racecourse, who are stoked with the result!

The wall is a massive LivePanel installation at 640cm x 250cm and was created for Flemington by Plants for Hire who pre grew the plant species selected in the cassettes of the hardware supplied by The Container Connection Victoria branch.

The greenery included, pre-grown plants in the cassettes with Red Plants as a focus for Melbourne Cup Day, Yellow for Oaks Day and so on. The plant cassettes can be swapped to suit the race or carnival colours. What a great idea! The plant species is as follows “rusty” plant is Heuchera and the greenery is made up of Holly Fern, Doodia Fern, Chlorophyum and Calathea Burle Marx.

Plants for Hire in Dingley, Victoria, our talented nursery partner, recommended the species post site visit. Plants for Hire were then able to supply the plants and pre-grow them in the LivePanel cassettes for 8 weeks, they were then transferred into the LivePanel Green Wall. And the result is… alive and well!

Go team! And thanks again to Flemington Racecourse!

Cutting Indoor Plants From The Budget? An Expensive Decision!

May 14, 2019

Article Via Interior Plantscape Association:

“There can be no denying that it’s tough out there, senior managers are faced with new operational challenges on a daily basis. Management teams are under increasing pressure to improve income streams and to reduce expenditure. Cutting indoor plants from the budget may look like an easy solution when balancing the numbers, however, this short term saving could prove to be an expensive mistake!

Considering the many studies by professionals in their field who show that indoor plants are no longer an extravagance, it would be a brave and potentially expensive decision to cut indoor plants from the annual budget.

One of the many benefits University of Technology Sydney (UTS) study showed was where plants were present, a 40-60% reduction in negative moods was evident. In another control group, with no plants present, stress levels rose by 20%. The researchers measured levels of anger; anxiety; depression; confusion; fatigue and stress, which were all found to be lower in the study group where plants were present.

So, do you think it is wise to cut indoor plants from a budget?

More information about the UTS study is available here THE-UTS-Indoor-plant-brochure-V3-1.”

War On Waste

September 19, 2018

Monash University & QANTAS: Fighting The War On Waste

Monash University

In 2008 Monash University wanted their campuses to have a recycling program, so they contacted The Container Connection, Victoria.

We presented our range of litterbins with a “green” angle ie:  Our recycling bins were made of 100% recycled polyethylene. Monash were so impressed they ordered approximately 1,000 bins and have been adding to their campuses all over Victoria ever since.

In 2012/13 Deakin University wanted the same type of recycling program and have also installed over 600 Recycling bins made from 100% recycled material.

These bins are still being used on campus 10 years later!  Longevity is part of our plan.


Graeme Smith from The Container Connection NSW and Norman Johnson from Daniels, collaborated with the QANTAS Design team on a concept for recycling newspapers and magazines from other recycling material.
The brief included:

  • Style – the unit had to look good in the departure lounges of the domestic terminals.
  • Size – to be compact, yet provide two useful receptacles for newspapers/magazines and other recycling waste.
  • Removable Liner Bins – keeps plastic liner bags out of sight.
  • Hinged Lid – staff do not have to remove the lid and put aside while emptying the bins.
  • Lockable Lid – improves security and safety.
  • OH & S –  the unit had to pass a workplace safety risk assessment.
  • Green Credentials – materials had to have a high recycled content.
  • Country of Origin –  Australian design and manufacture was preferred.
  • Signage – Specific QANTAS signage was supplied. Mould in Graphics was the selected form of signage.Attention to detail included hole shapes and sizes, as well as the shape of the base at the rear to provide maximum stability when the lid is hinged back, with a lock specific to the needs of QANTAS.  Once the prototype was approved, a mould was made to produce this modern, functional recycling centre in high quality recycled polyethylene, which is a Green Star rated material.

This became our transit bin reality.


LITTERSMART is a 100% Australian designed and manufactured product.
Littersmart will not leak, so there is no risk of damaging stains and is extremely durable and will not break, chip or crack under normal working conditions.
An easy to handle, light weight solution to litter management.
For security, Littersmart can be wired to prevent component loss or theft.
Littersmart is safe for both indoor and outdoor use. UV stabilised and will not rust or corrode. Littersmart comes with a 10 year warranty.
Littersmart comes in a range of colours. Refer to our colour selector and colour chips.
Littersmart is recyclable and also available in 100% Recycled Polyethylene.

LitterSmart bins can be found in the following Australian businesses and locations:

  • 7-Eleven Fuel and Franchise Outlets Australia wide
  • Freedom Fuel Outlets
  • QANTAS Transit Lounge
  • Sydney Convention Centre
  • Sydney Entertainment Centre
  • Brisbane Convention Center
  • Gold Coast Convention Center
  • Chandler Sports Center
  • Westfield Chermside
  • Garden City Shopping Centre
  • Castle Hill Shopping Centre
  • Tree Tops Shopping Centre
  • Morayfield Shopping Centre
  • Univerity of Technology Sydney
  • RMIT University Campus
  • Monash University Campus – Victoria wide
  • Deakin University Campus – Victoria wide
  • Swinburne University Campus
  • Holmesglen TAFE
  • AMF Bowling Centres Australia Wide
  • Sky City Darwin Casino
  • Jupiters Casino
  • Treasury Casino
  • Logan Hyperdome Shopping Centre






LivePicture GO wins Red Dot Award 2018

April 20, 2018

Mobilane’s Latest Product Design Wins International Design & Quality Award


Acknowledging its place at the highest level of product innovation in ready-made green systems, living walls and “live” art, Mobilane’s new ‘LivePicture GO’ has attained a prestigious Red Dot Award for High Quality Design. This accolade has been received following the product’s nomination for these highly-respected 2018 International Design and Quality Awards, judged and selected from over 6,300 entries from 59 countries.  The international expert jury awards these sought-after seals of approval only to products demonstrating the most outstanding design quality.



Alexander Ilsink, Commercial Director of Mobilane, is thrilled to have received such recognition: “The achievement of this international design award is an immense honour following years of Mobilane product development. The Red Dot Award acknowledges our attention to quality in design and our strength in innovation.” LivePicture GO will be launched mid-2018.

The Awards will be presented and the products displayed at ceremony and in Essen, Germany in July 2018.  Thereafter, LivePicture GO will be displayed atthe Red Dot Design Museum, also in Essen, which is the world’s largest continuous exhibition of leading contemporary design.

LivePicture GO: Innovation in design
LivePicture GO from Mobilane is a vertical plant system with an unique integrated water reservoir:  Art with living plants. Thanks to the innovative watering system, the plants are supplied with water and fertilizers for about four weeks. Its’ in-built water indicators report if water is needed and when the reservoir is full.



LivePicture GO is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Its recyclable plastic frame (51.6 x 51.6 cm) houses an interchangeable plant cassette into which one’s own choice of plants are placed. The frame is available in standard colours of white, grey, black and red. The patented LivePicture GO has been developed in collaboration with product designer QDP from Duiven, Holland.


Download Press Release



Product Highlight: Live Picture

March 12, 2018


We are extremely proud to represent Mobilane’s LivePicture, as it’s an amazingly versatile product, and one that easily impresses!

It is truly green art for on the wall, and can transform a space completely.

It also comes in the Live Divider format:

The picture made up of real plants, in tiny cassettes. It’s also easy to attach to the wall and does not need much maintenance. LivePicture does not use electric power or a mechanical pump. Instead, the living picture has a smart, integrated watering system!

Make a healthy green environment from your living and working space with LivePicture!

Benefits of LivePicture

  • Improves living and working climate
  • Enhances the ambiance
  • Water reservoir lasts about 6 weeks
  • Easy to install
  • Gives a peaceful feeling

For more information about our furniture products or custom capabilities, please contact us.


LivePanel: Latest News From Europe

January 12, 2018

Green Parking in Breda

Our European partner, Mobilane, have installed the final phase of plant cassettes in ‘The Barones’ parking facilities in Breda (The Netherlands).

The impressive Green wall boasts more than 10,000 plants, all sitting within our LivePanel planting system. The LivePanel is a modular system made up of plant cassettes that are placed in a leak-free channel profile made of aluminium! The foliage includes a blend of flower and evergreen foliage, with ferns, Geranium, Campanula and Bergenia.


“This combination of leaf and bloom gives variety and fascination for residents and visitors, all year round.”

“It’s installation is part of the bigger plan for the city, one which places the sustainability and longevity of a healthy environment firmly at its heart.”

We are so impressed by Mobilane’s installation of the LivePanel system and are incredibly happy to such an ergonomic revolution occurring now across the region!

Read More

Indoor Plants Proven to Boost Mental Wellbeing

November 30, 2017

At The Container Connection, we have always believed that plants can boost your mood. It’s our pleasure to report that this has been proven again to be true!


The University of Melbourne & RMIT University have conducted new research showing how plants can make a room – and the people living inside it – healthier, both inside and out.

Having a few indoor plants can not only boost oxygen levels, which is good for all sorts of physiological reasons, but it can provide a boost to your overall mental wellbeing and mood.

So, how many plants should you have in your office, or apartment?

Based on their analysis and expert consultations they developed a rule-of-thumb that in order to remove indoor pollutants you need to have 1 medium sized plant per 2.2 square metres. So, get potting!

Read more here or via Triple J, HACK’s story


Green Wall News: Schools in Netherlands, German Architecture & New Products

October 30, 2017

Schools Are Falling For Vertical Green!

The positive effects of green on students in and outside schools, are not a secret anymore. Schools are falling one by one for vertical green. This also applies to this school in Babberspolder.

LivePanel, Babberspolder – Holland, Mobicare, 2017

41 meter of Mobilane Green Screen

After the bell had rung and the playground had cleared one late Friday afternoon, it was a straightforward execution and resulted in a finished living wall of 41 metres in total length. Sadly the Green Screen is not available in Australia at this stage, but we have green wall options by the plenty!

Mobilane Green Screen, Lambeth – United Kingdom, The Plantman, 2017

LivePanel Oracle Leading the way

As if the riverside experience wasn’t already stunning enough, The Oracle now boasts a glorious splash of green to shepherd its visitors to the entrance.

LivePanel, Reading – United Kingdom, Hedera Screens, 2017

For more information, visit the Mobilane website.

Watch: The Largest Greenwall in Europe – LivePanel

October 20, 2017

Leersum, 6 June 2016 – The front wall of recently opened European distribution centre in the Belgian community of Laakdal, from world’s largest manufacturer of sports shoes, is growing the largest green wall of Europe. The green wall surface consists of just under 100,000 plants spanning over 2,000 m2. The applied green wall system, LivePanel, consists of a carefully selected range of plants, including Alchemilla, Bergenia, Campanula, Geranium and Nepeta. The innovative new building of the leading sports brand is powered by fully renewable energy from solar panels, wind turbines and a geothermal system.

Watch the video and see how The Container Connection can help your business, great or small, create a stunning green wall or garden. We’re even able to build green walls which have an integrated irrigation system, so that it’s permanently self-supplied with water and food!

Exclusive to TCC in Australia and New Zealand.

LivePicture: How to build a mobile plant cassette with Mobilane

September 1, 2017

“The Mission of Mobilane is to build a greener and healthier environment”

Innovative green systems designed and engineered by Mobilane offer new and exciting possibilities for enhancing spaces, even when there is little space. Building’s walls, both interior and exterior, roof spaces, corridors and meeting spaces offer plenty of scope for adding greenery to contribute to wellbeing and a more pleasing environment. In retail, hospitality, transport, education, government, in fact in almost every sector, there are spaces where our systems are designed to add value.