Our Partners

The Container Connection has built strong associations over the past 30 years.


Our partners include Lechuza™ a well respected German company who distribute their premium range of sub-irrigated planters around the globe and are very discerning when it comes to their distributors.  Our partnership has developed over the past 8 years and it continues today with an open approach and understanding of local Australian issues.  Lechuza™ is a high end product, impressive in its design and functionality.

Metal Art T/AS The Container Connection

Metal Art T/AS The Container Connection in New Zealand is another long term partner who represent all Container Connection products and also have their own range of planters and street furniture.  Partners for many years we share a bond in small business and acknowledge the strength of our group. Karaka is the planter range designed and manufactured by Metal Art and distributed by The Container Connection Group in Australia. www.metalart.co.nz

Interior Plantscaping Association (IPA)

The national peak body of the plantscaping industry.  The Container Connection has grown with the plantscaping industry over the past 30 years and we have strongly promoted the association with our membership, sponsorship, donations, research and financial backing.  The plantscaping industry in turn has also been a long term supporter of The Container Connection nationally and we are thankful for that support.  As with most small associations it falls on a few to do the work for an entire industry to get the message out. This means no remuneration for the board members, but plenty of accountability, responsibility and tireless work to keep the association relevant whilst at the same time managing their own business.  We support and salute all past and present board members. Go to the website to see all of the research, newsletters, members, accredited members and workshops available at the Interior Plantscape Association. www.ipa.asn.au

Palamont, now Daniels Manufacturing

Our Australian design and manufacturing partner of CottaPot™, Littersmart and Furniture range for the past 30 years.  This unique working collaboration has produced many designs seen daily across Australia in shopping centres, airports, convention centres, office buildings, cafe’s, courtyards, convenience stores, retirement villages, schools, universities, libraries, council offices and TAFE’s.  Many Australian Designers are clients of Daniels Manufacturing and value the intellectual input with mould and design issues.  Daniels also export planters and pipefloats to Japan, Hong Kong, Macau, Noumea, New Zealand, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia.  Daniels manufacturing have many clients across many industries.  The Container Connection communicate daily our manufacturing partner to distribute their generic products across Australia and overseas.