CottaPot™ Sub Irrigation Senator Square

Double Walled Sub-Irrigation System

Applies to the Senator Square when used internally and externally.

Sub-irrigation provides sustained care for your plants, and consumes up to 60% less water than traditional planters.

  1. Plants – Plants potted directly into the potting mix
  2. Fitted Irrigation Wick – Fitted with wicks for external fit out or use of  ‘WICKSMART’ a horticultural specific spun material, or similar for internal fit out
  3. Filler Cap – Filler guide, Seals the water reservoir and prevents mosquito breeding when closed
  4. Water Reservoir – Built-in vessel for water located below the grow pot or in second cavity
  5. External Wall – Heavy-duty outer wall
  6. Inner Wall – Sealed inner cavity
  7. Potting Mix – Potting soil, a growing medium for your plants
  8. Drainage Hole – Allows excess rainwater to drain away when used externally


  • Extends water cycles
  • Less Maintenance
  • Saves Time
  • Promotes Healthier Plants
  • Total Water Control

Sub-irrigation helps to maintain your plants for longer, and consumes up to 60% less water than traditional planters.
It is recommended that watering over the top at the time of installation is necessary. Potting mix should be moist all the way through.

Sub-irrigation diagram is a guide only