COTTAGE; column planter with wicker style. Its exceptional versatility makes the tall COTTAGE column planter a favourite decorative element for patio arrangements. And thanks to the optional coasters your plants are still mobile in COTTAGE planters even outdoors. With interchangeable plant liners with recessed carrying handles and LECHUZA’s sub-irrigation system; takes care of your plants for you for up to 12 weeks, ensuring that they receive the right amount of water and nutrients they need for optimum growth.

Model Size L (cm) Size W (cm) Size H (cm) Max Grow Pot Water Res. (L) Soil Capacity
COTTAGE 30 29 29 56 10" / 250mm 4 14 L
COTTAGE 40 38.6 38.6 75 12" / 300mm 7.5 31 L

Sub-Irrigation Systems