Cutting Indoor Plants From The Budget? An Expensive Decision!

Article Via Interior Plantscape Association:

“There can be no denying that it’s tough out there, senior managers are faced with new operational challenges on a daily basis. Management teams are under increasing pressure to improve income streams and to reduce expenditure. Cutting indoor plants from the budget may look like an easy solution when balancing the numbers, however, this short term saving could prove to be an expensive mistake!

Considering the many studies by professionals in their field who show that indoor plants are no longer an extravagance, it would be a brave and potentially expensive decision to cut indoor plants from the annual budget.

One of the many benefits University of Technology Sydney (UTS) study showed was where plants were present, a 40-60% reduction in negative moods was evident. In another control group, with no plants present, stress levels rose by 20%. The researchers measured levels of anger; anxiety; depression; confusion; fatigue and stress, which were all found to be lower in the study group where plants were present.

So, do you think it is wise to cut indoor plants from a budget?

More information about the UTS study is available here THE-UTS-Indoor-plant-brochure-V3-1.”