LivePanel is an innovative application of vertical green on walls for existing buildings and new construction. A green wall is good for the environment, insulating and fine dust absorption, and it looks great. The living wall provides the ultimate green experience of interior and exterior walls.


  • Flexible system for indoors and outdoors
  • Creative freedom in design and choice of plants
  • Easy exchange of plant cassettes
  • Healthy (interior) climate due to O2 production and binding fine dust particles
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Temperature and noise insulation
  • Low water consumption, eco-friendly
  • Low maintenance
  • Recyclable

The frame will be standard available in charcoal colour, the same colour as
the gutter profiles. Other colours are available on request.

40kg/m2 including plants and water.

Both the profiles and the (optional) frame can easily be adjusted by the
installation team to the preferred size provided that the grid size is minimal
400 x 484 mm (excluding end caps).

• A waterproof covering on the wall is recommended
• Drainage for overspill (when filling the wall only) is required
• Installing an automatic control unit for larger walls is recommended.
The system needs an average water supply of 5 litre/m2 planted
surface per week. This depends on the local conditions for example
plants, temperature, air-conditioning and the amount of light.

Size Size L (mm) Blind end caps Water flow end caps
Large 5200 excluding end caps no yes
Small 4000 excluding end caps yes no