Pods Liner DS3

Designed and manufactured in 2011 (and still there in 2014) specifically for one of the Big Four Banks in Sydney who was inspired  by the green movement but wanted freedom of design, horticultural functionality and water safe integrity. The Container Connection along with its manufacturing partner Palamont collaborated to fill their clients brief.  Structural and horticulturally sound,  water safe liner in four different sizes manufactured from 100% recycled material .  These were installed using standard 8 inch / 200mm pots, which still guaranteed Greenstar points and the Plantscaper easy access for watering and replacing plants if necessary. Pod Liners are ideal for retrofitting in particular if you are concerned with water proofing your cabinets, furniture and carpets.  An investment that has paid ten fold.  The exterior of the planter could be clad in any number of decorative non-structural finishes. This allows the designer freedom to incorporate the latest finishes without regard for the structural or horticultural integrity of the planter surround.

Model Size L (cm) Size W (cm) Size H (cm) Max Grow Pot Weight (kg)
Pods Liner DS3 105 41 28 8" / 200mm x 5 10

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