Mega Pods

International Airport Brisbane is one high profile destination that our Pods were incorporated in the initial construction and are still there in 2014,  a testament to their functionality, engineering and longevity.   Pods have continued to change the way large plantings are incorporated into office buildings, foyers, forecourts and courtyards. Pods are structurally engineered with 10mm thick recycled material, making them strong and waterproof. With structural ribbing for strength they have the capacity to accommodate large numbers of plantings. The addition of Forklift panels, gives the Mega Pod the ability to be rotated or relocated easily with a standard forklift. The exterior of the planter could be clad in any number of decorative non-structural finishes. This allows the designer freedom to incorporate the latest finishes for the planter surround, without regard for the structural or horticultural integrity.  Mega Pods are suitable for both Exterior and Interior use. Other sizes can be manufactured to suit specific requirements on application. Sub-irrigation can be arranged to suit.

Model Size L (cm) Size W (cm) Size H (cm) Weight (kg)
SQUARE 1000/940 100 100 94 32LW
SQUARE 1100/720 110 110 72 n/a
SQUARE 1200/1000 120 120 100 55HW, 39LW
SQUARE 1200/900 120 120 90 38LW
SQUARE 800/740 80 80 74 25HW, 17LW
SQUARE 960/720 96 96 72 n/a
SQUARE 960/800 96 96 80 n/a
SQUARE 960/900 96 96 90 42HW

Sub-Irrigation Systems