Ezy Maintain 300

EZY Maintain unit available to fit 300mm Florist Buckets and Pots.

The components supplied with each EZY Maintain unit are:
EZY Maintain Reservoir Base
EZY Maintain Feeder Pipe
EZY Maintain Feeder Pipe Cap

Assembling the unit is simplicity itself. A generous sprinkling of Perlite into the indents, A light sprinkle of potting mix, turn out the plant leaving the roots intact and settle it onto the base, making allowance for the installed feeder pipe. Pack additional potting mix behind the pipe and fill pots firmly. Lightly top-water then fill down the pipe. Florist buckets are watertight avoiding the need for expensive waterproofing of the planter.

Outer pots/Florist buckets (Grow pots without holes) are not supplied.

Model Dia (cm) Max Grow Pot Water Res. (L)
EZY MAINTAIN 300mm 30 12" / 300mm Avail