One Central Park, Sydney

The story behind One Central Park starts with two artists who shared the same vision; architect Jean Nouvel, and French artist and botanist Patrick Blanc. One Central Park offered Nouvel and Blanc a canvas of an entirely new scale. Here they built an integrated experience for living in harmony with the natural world – That’s where we came in!

Our Greenwall/Low Profile Troughs

We were lucky enough to be able to showcase a huge number of The Container Connection’s Greenwalls in this design, which was achieved by building thousands of low profile troughs into the great structure you see today. These were made to incredibly high architectural standards, in order to withstand the elements and to fit in with all of the other engineering required in a high rise sustainable building such as One Central Park in Sydney. The image attached is a view of the pop up external terraces that have our purpose built low profile planters and are working incredibly well.

More on Jean Nouvel

The Parisian design star is the winner of architecture’s Nobel Prize – the Pritzker, and a host of other architectural awards. Nouvel creates unforgettable skyscrapers, opera houses, museums and universities that grace city skylines from Manhattan to Tokyo. What an honour!

“Landscape is architecture,” declares Nouvel. “Here we have created a continuity so the façades extend the park into the sky”

– Jean Nouvel