LivePanel: Latest News From Europe

Green Parking in Breda

Our European partner, Mobilane, have installed the final phase of plant cassettes in ‘The Barones’ parking facilities in Breda (The Netherlands).

The impressive Green wall boasts more than 10,000 plants, all sitting within our LivePanel planting system. The LivePanel is a modular system made up of plant cassettes that are placed in a leak-free channel profile made of aluminium! The foliage includes a blend of flower and evergreen foliage, with ferns, Geranium, Campanula and Bergenia.


“This combination of leaf and bloom gives variety and fascination for residents and visitors, all year round.”

“It’s installation is part of the bigger plan for the city, one which places the sustainability and longevity of a healthy environment firmly at its heart.”

We are so impressed by Mobilane’s installation of the LivePanel system and are incredibly happy to such an ergonomic revolution occurring now across the region!

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