Green Wall News: Schools in Netherlands, German Architecture & New Products

Schools Are Falling For Vertical Green!

The positive effects of green on students in and outside schools, are not a secret anymore. Schools are falling one by one for vertical green. This also applies to this school in Babberspolder.

LivePanel, Babberspolder – Holland, Mobicare, 2017

41 meter of Mobilane Green Screen

After the bell had rung and the playground had cleared one late Friday afternoon, it was a straightforward execution and resulted in a finished living wall of 41 metres in total length. Sadly the Green Screen is not available in Australia at this stage, but we have green wall options by the plenty!

Mobilane Green Screen, Lambeth – United Kingdom, The Plantman, 2017

LivePanel Oracle Leading the way

As if the riverside experience wasn’t already stunning enough, The Oracle now boasts a glorious splash of green to shepherd its visitors to the entrance.

LivePanel, Reading – United Kingdom, Hedera Screens, 2017

For more information, visit the Mobilane website.